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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a system take to set up?

The self-contained systems take around 1-3 hours to set up. 

The custom systems will take us 1-3 days to install dependent on the components chosen.

Can I use my own clubs and balls?



There are a lot of simulator companies, why should I buy one from you?

Simply put, we have decades of experience creating some of the most extraordinary golf simulators in the worldWhether it’s a custom man cave, professional teaching studio, retail golf store we have designed and installed premium systems in every environment, for any need you may wish for.  

There are many Launch monitors devices to choose from, which ones should I be considering?

There are really 2 basic technologies of launch monitors out there; camera based and radar. This really depends on what you want the system for and what you want to spend, we can help you find the best launch monitor for your needs. 

What if I want a custom built-in simulator?

We can absolutely make this a happen. Let’s jump on a quick call.